FIRST: Brain Mapping

The Neurologics  process begins with our qEEG proprietary brain mapping technology, which will measure your player’s brain activity in 293 regions of the brain.

SECOND: Results Analysis

Results of the qEEG are analyzed by a neurologist and compared to a database of over 100,000 brain maps stored within an internationally shared data center in Washington, DC.

THIRD: Remediation Plan

Neurologics creates a customized brain repair plan based on your player’s individual map findings.

FOURTH: Repair Process

Your player’s brain repair is achieved through execution of the customized optimization plan.

Fifth: Mid-point Mapping

At mid-point of optimization, a second mapping takes place to evaluate your player’s optimization progress and fine-tune the customized plan.

Sixth: Proof of Remediation

After a third mapping at the conclusion of the optimization process, proof of optimization is confirmed by comparing your player’s brain before and after brain map results, and before and after brain images. 

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