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Neurologics qEEG proprietary technology, or “brain mapping”, measures your player’s brain activity in 293 domains of the brain. By comparison, hospitals and urgent care clinics can only measure 10 to 15 brain domains. Because quantitative qEEG directly and rapidly measures brain activity in specific regions, it is a powerful weapon against the symptoms of traumatic brain injury.


For concussion symptoms in particular, qEEG offers exceptional opportunities for targeted, effective treatment, and why Neurologics technology is of great importance to football players at all levels, other contact sports athletes and all sports programs. Neurologics precisely diagnoses concussion-related trauma and then remediates and even potentially improves brain function through proprietary Neurologics technology. Our process will reveal and pin-point impaired brain signals that cause decreased IQ, memory loss, imbalance, confusion, headaches, and other symptoms of concussions.

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